Repost: "Poor Poor Mike Ruppert" written 9-16-2006

Mike Ruppert:
Egomaniac with an undeserved sense of importance
works himself into a corner from which the only escape is Venezuela.

"It's funny. I can look back on a life of achievement, on challenges met, competitors bested, obstacles overcome. I've accomplished more than most men, and without the use of my legs. What...What makes a man, Mr. Lebowski?...Is it...is it, being prepared to do the right thing? Whatever the price? Isn't that what makes a man?...Are you surprised at my tears, sir?...Strong men also cry...Strong men also cry."
--from The Big Lebowski

Having known Mike Ruppert I find it quite funny (and sad) that, being as odious a human being as he truly is, there are a number of folks out there who continue to hold him aloft as some sort of modern-day Jesus -- just as sinless, forgiving, and selfless as He who died on the cross for the sake of the world's sins. Of course someone in Montana would not know how a man in Oregon comports himself, but there are other people who should know better. Then again, a subscriber to Ruppert's website should, in my opinion, begin to have their doubts when one lame plea for donations -- in addition to the sale of a great many products -- follows another, and another, and another. And in light of some allegations that later turned out to be true (by Ruppert's own admission) regarding inappropriate sexual behavior with a female employee (he took off his clothes and ran around the office in his underwear), I find it interesting that many people out there do not once stop to question his character.

The suspicious nature of the burglary that took place in his office is also another example that should be cause for Ruppert's followers to second-guess their loyalty. Maybe it's just sexy for one to think that the U.S. Government directly, or indirectly, perpetrated that crime. Maybe being a reader of FTW, in their minds, makes them somehow apart of the real-life Enemy Of The State movie that is Mike Ruppert's supposed life. Of course these people don't have all the information. Therefore, in the context of FTW, these poor souls are living in a fantasy world.

Mike Ruppert, without a doubt, is very good at portraying himself as being quite the benevolent soul. He's "spiritual" and socially conscious. To paraphrase something he recently wrote on his blog, he cannot rest, or be happy, unless the world is a better place. He has sacrificed everything for the sake of us all. Now how can you not dig someone like that? The reality, however, is a little different.

For instance, it might interest some people that when Mike Ruppert moved to Ashland, Or., rather than live the simple, sustainable life (which was closer to what he had living in a one-bedroom apartment in LA), and grow his own tomatoes and lettuce outback of a simple, practical, wasteless, rural dwelling, he instead chose to live in a house. This house had no garden and he made no attempt to create one. Instead, he purchased a $4,000 leather couch, plus a high-quality entertainment center with all the bells and whistles. Rather than shop locally at the co-op, he bought his groceries at Albertson's, to which he drove to and from in his gas-guzzling Ford Bronco. On the weekends he would go out to the bars and try to score tail (preferably very young tail) and to sing karaoke. Often he would frequent The Office, a strip club in Medford, Or.
"But wait," someone might ask, "as a recovered alcoholic in the middle of an alcoholic drug den he would abstain, right?" Well...no. If only that had been the case then many embarrassing situations could have been avoided. Very quickly one could see how necessary AA was for Mike Ruppert, as he is a pathetic drunk. Of course, according to him, he has beaten the addiction, but then again, doesn't that go against AA principles? So why does he cite his twenty years of 12-step work if he no longer walks the walk? It seems a little disingenuous to me. But that's just my opinion and I could be wrong.

Back to the issue of sustainability: Wouldn't it make sense to construct a simple, bare-bones operation that was fluid and flexible, yet secure? In speech, according to Ruppert, this would be the only way. In action, however, he committed the opposite action. Upon moving to Ashland, Mike Ruppert rented a large office space and pulled out all the stops with regard to purchases made to furnish and equip said office (yet, strangely enough, a security system was never brought up). He had dreams of commanding a large office staff that would revere him and be obsequiously at his disposal. He immediately hired an assistant (Woman #1), an attractive woman whom he met at a bar during his first week in town. This woman complained of not having enough work to do, as there really wasn't much justification for Mike Ruppert having an assistant to begin with. But of course that wasn't the actual reason Mike Ruppert had hired her. The real reason was carnal and she rebuffed advances from Ruppert on numerous occasions. When Ruppert's other female employee (Woman #2) alleged sexual harassment and was fired for her trouble, Ruppert requested that his staff write statements to support his position on the matter. Woman #2, therefore, quit her job rather than write something that basically would have said that Mike Ruppert was innocent of any and all inappropriate behavior. In other words, she refused to lie.

The day before the alleged "burglary," Ruppert was in his office all day long. This is not a fact that he has chosen to disclose in any of his writings about said topic. It is, however, a matter of police record and local knowledge. Of course, if one were to take Ruppert's words at face value, one would think that he was somewhere else that entire day, as he already had a ready-made timeline for when the crime took place. He was "at home watching Deadwood," right? That's his alibi, along with the fact that his Bronco "sticks out like a sore thumb." Right. If he was there all day on Sunday, as he normally was, would anyone notice? He would have all day to smash and trash his office.

Also, this has been said, but I'll say it again: nothing was stolen. Doesn't that seem odd? The gun that Mike Ruppert kept in his desk, which was right next to the tapes that Ruppert claims he made of the interactions between himself and his former, female employee, who claims to have been sexually harassed (which he has claimed was stolen by the thieves during the burglary - police record), was still there, after the fact. Nothing was stolen. Nothing other than the computers was damaged. Not even Ruppert's "precious library," or his pictures of his travels around the world, or his display of every FTW newsletter that hangs on the wall of the office's conference room. No TV or other electrical device was damaged. Just enough damage was done to garner the sympathy needed to justify a little extra cash, as well as an office-wide computer upgrade (on computers that were 1-5 years old).

If this is supposed to be a crime of passion, let's say; a crime committed by a disgruntled, drug-addled, former employee, then wouldn't one think that the whole crime scene would be ... just a little more colorful?

If the government did it - it being the "burglary" - then it's kind of needlessly complex, no? It's something they could have done all along, at any time. They wouldn't have needed to throw in some agent(s) to infiltrate a small business run by a selectively paranoid man who doesn't even think to install a simple security system, right? Granted, the burglary is much sexier than the "sabotage" committed by a former employee that later ended in a small claims court judgment on behalf of FTW... Right.

I mean, really...that's some X-files shit right there!

It's the worst friggin' excuse for continuing "to be" that I've ever heard, yet a lot of people buy it. Basically, it's like this: "Uh... yeah, the government is out to get to me because I speak the truth and they tell lies and stuff, and they're bad, so they like, want to put me out of business... .And I know, like, they do a real half-assed job of it, and stuff, because, like, you know, they conspirisize and mastermind all over the world to control the world, and they're evil, and they can bring down the World Trade Center and kill Kennedy, and get away with it, but they can't bring down a simple, small business... that doesn't even have a security system? I mean, I know that's weird... . Seriously, they're gonna kill me... -C-C-Can I have some money?"

I guess what it comes down to is this: think for yourselves. Stop looking for leaders and heroes. One step at a time, guys. Do your own research. There are people who have made significant life decisions based on what Mike Ruppert has said, especially when it comes to money - and we're talking about a guy that can't run a business and is up to his eyeballs in debt. Think for yourselves. Empower yourselves. Don't trade in your status of being a sheep to the status quo for being a sheep to Mike Ruppert, or any other guru for that matter. If you're not going to be a sucker when it comes to big corporations then don't be a sucker when it comes to anything else. Think for yourselves.

The fact of the matter is that the police had only one suspect. The former, female employee that Ruppert speaks of was cleared early-on in the case and so was her friend. After that, the only one left was Mike Ruppert.

Shortly thereafter, he fled the country -- coincidentally right before he was scheduled to take a lie-detector test with the Ashland Police Department.

Pure and simple, folks, it's not a conspiracy and it never was. It at least wasn't a conspiracy against Michael C. Ruppert. If you want to put so much importance on evidence then look at the evidence in this case -- the actual evidence, the circumstantial evidence, the logical evidence. Quit giving the benefit of the doubt. It's like you're trading one evil for another -- no different than someone who hears that Bush lied about WMD's and says, "Well, he's the President, I guess he knows what he's doing..."

Just consider what I'm saying.

Think for yourselves.

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