Money is the only thing...that will make a difference.

(What follows are a few emails written by MCR in October of 2006. They're a good example of the kind of beautiful prose that only narcissism, paranoia, and an undeserved sense of accomplishment can create.)


Look, I don’t know what else to do write now. Treat this as confidential and let me take the lead on public disclosures unless I disappear. I am moving fast and have little time.

A lot of people need to know what’s happening here.

I have tied WING TV directly to the FBI and to the sabotage in my office and this court case. I’m fighting for my life.


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From: Mike Ruppert [mailto:mruppert@copvcia.com]
Sent: Thursday, October 06, 2005 9:06 PMTo: 'Judith Plant'Cc: 'KLevine641@aol.com'; 'Chris Plant'; 'Ailene Warner'Subject:
RE: Odds and ends

Just back from NY. There is a pending death in the family. The FBI has – within the last three days -- used agents and illegally raided my bank account and taken $5,200. Someone filed an appeal to a court case I had previously won, signed my name on the subpoena while the FBI intercepted all mail notifying me of the court date. I never even knew about it. When I failed to show up for a hearing I had never heard about a judgment was issued and my bank account looted yesterday. Sure, I can win this but it will take maybe two years and thousands of dollars in legal fees and I’ll probably never get the money back from the stooge (Chris Fusco) the FBI used who they had planted in my office.

In the meantime, your best-selling author is about to become homeless and may, within weeks, be seeking political asylum in a foreign country. I am penniless. WING TV has called for someone to assassinate me as a war criminal (three days ago). (No they didn't. When he told us this we all listened to their "radio" show where they had supposedly said that MCR should be put down as a war criminal. Well, suffice it to say they said no such thing about MCR or anybody else for that matter being assassinated. Thus we all assumed that Ruppert never listened to the broadcast but rather took the word of some douche bag friend of his. No to mention that it was very sexy for him to believe.) [That’s exactly what happened before Malcolm X was murdered.]

The reason I demanded is because we had already discussed this once and reached an agreement which you forgot about. I need every freaking penny – every cent – I can get my hands on and I need it right now. Ken Levine needs every penny I can give him right now because the FBI is working him hard on a bullshit case as well. We are enemies of the state.

Somebody please understand: threats are being made on my life. The FBI is seriously messing with me and if I don’t get some money soon you will never see me again and I will be sleeping under a bridge somewhere, using an assumed name, and asking for food money.

I cannot make it any clearer than this. I do not have time to be polite now. Everything is on the line and I will take whatever steps are necessary. It would be nice to have some real support that is tangible and that allows me to eat and pay my rent.

I am inches away from activating contingency plans which might necessitate me going deep underground. Money is the only thing that will make a difference.


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