"[E]specially a little girl..."

"Years ago, just after he had left the LAPD and was staying at random friends' houses, Mike claimed that a 11 or 12 year old daughter of a neighbor and her friend dropped by the apartment while Mike was there alone. He said that nothing happened, other than the girl fondling him, getting him worked up enough to induce him to kick the girls out before he took a cold shower. It appears that appropriate sexual conduct, let alone personal behavior, is one maladaptive gray zone for Mike...Mike has a long way to go to overcome his sexism and deeply rooted resentment of women. I know he was molested by his mother when he was nine but he's totally responsible for healing himself of that wound now. When he and I were still engaged, Mike said that he was interested in adopting. That freaked me out, thought I didn't let it show. Many of the kids who were molested turn around and reprduce the behavior as adults in a subconscious effort to change the outcome or resolve conflicted feelings. I had an intuitive chill in the pit of my stomach against the idea of adopting with Mike, especially a little girl."

-- MCR's fiance, 2005-6

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