Just a Few Resons for Thinking MCR Burgled His Own Business -- more later

1) The day after the burglary was committed MCR had a ready-made story for the cops, his employees, his friends, and his readers. There was no need do an investigation because he already knew who did it, and why. (Of course the story, as well as the i.d. of the perpetrator(s) has changed numerous times over the past few years -- MCR should get his story straight.) But at the beginning of what would be a long, strange ride, MCR named the culprit to be a recently-fired ex-employee, with whom he had a huge axe to grind due her allegation that he had on many occasions sexually harassed her. MCR had also tried to blame the same ex-employee for the recent egging of his house (I only question his story regarding the egging purely because his story, again, kept evolving to suit his needs.) Without any proof that this woman or her friends had anything to do with said crime, (all alibis checked out) MCR had made up his mind. Only later on, and over the next year and a half, would he go on to say that the Shadow Government had something to do with it, along with the help of a lot of other people (mostly ex-employees), including yours-truly.

2) Unknown to most people, especially MCR's readers, MCR was in his office all day on the day of the burglary. The day was Sunday, and he was there all by himself. There is no mention of this fact in any article MCR has ever written about said burglary. Mike claimed that his alibi was that he was at home watching DeadWood, a show he wouldn't miss for the world. He further rationalized that his Bronco "would stick out like a sore thumb." MCR, therefore, is implying that the crime was committed sometime during the evening. However, being that he was there all day, MCR would have had more than enough time to smash through a few doors and destroy all the computers in the office. This goes along very well with Mike's claim that the perpetration of the crime "would have taken one person hours...and would have been physically exhausting." Well, damn, how would he know?

3) Nothing was stolen. Nothing of sentimental value to MCR (which were many many items scattered throughout the office place) was damaged. Save the computers everything remained in tact. His father's war medal, his display of every newsletter published by FTW, his precious library, just to name a few, were unmolested. A gun kept in MCR's desk was untouched. I repeat, nothing but the computers and the doors was destroyed. Now does that sound like an emotional, revenge-motivated crime, as Mike claimed? Does it sound like the work of some Meth addicts, who would have at least stolen the firearm? Do I need to say more?

4) MCR was the first to "discover" the burglary. This was at 7am, two-three hours earlier than MCR ever showed up at the office. This is relevant because people who kill someone close to them -- a wife, husband, etc. -- are almost always the first to "discover" the body -- for the purpose of attempting to further control the scene.

5) FTW was in extreme financial trouble and MCR's readership was dropping off. What a better way to get some extra cash -- not only from the insurance company, but from sympathetic followers, as well. Anticipating a quick and large payoff (although he would only get five grand) from the insurance company, MCR went on a balls-out shopping spree at Dell; sparing no expense, he replaced what was lost with the best top-of-the-line equipment he could get. After Mike fled the country I was told by a remaining employee that between the time of the "burglary" to the time of his dramatic "departure." Mike had received approximately $50,000 dollars in donations from people who were trying to help save the website, not fund a new life for MCR. According to Mike's long-term flunky, Ken Levine (as well as other sources in the know at the time), most of said money was pissed away by Mike during his short time in Venezuela -- on drugs, booze, and whores.


Anonymous said...

Would love to know what he did with the computer equipment his insurance company provided...

I know he got free money from me. And where did it go? I wish I never subscribed.

- H Gabradore

Pool Boy said...

From what I know all of that stuff was sold after MCR left the country. The subsequent funds went to pay operating expenses and MCR in Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

Your posts come accross as you being nothing more than a disgruntled jerk bent on kicking a good (abeit flawed) man while he's down. Shame on you!!!

Pool Boy said...

My only purpose in writing this blog is to provide info about a man that, in my opinion, has scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars, and more, out of well-meaning people. Remember, not only am I an ex-employee; I'm also and ex-devotee. It didn't take very long for the veil to be lifted after having been hired by Mike (a dream come true, as far as I was concerned; I cried I so happy, as then I was given the opprotunity to work for something that I truly believed in. I felt FTW could change the world.) If I come across as mad, then you've got it right. My goal in creating this blog was to encourage followers of MCR to think for themselves about the man, with the help of hidden info they never would have been privy to overwise. It's no different than as they would approach and question the government of a large corporation. If Bush doesn't get a pass, then why should Mike Ruppert? Just find out as much as you can about the man before you decide to take him seriously or not -- or give him any more money!